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Why Does My Newly Installed D-Link Wireless Router Not Detect My DSL Internet Connection?

Solution For DSL Internet Connection Issue:

The issue of your Installed D-Link Wireless Router not able to detect the DSL internet connection could be attributed to different factors. The problem could be either physical or internal software snag, DSL cable comes from your service provider and either goes into your modem or your router’s WAN port. The connectivity issue could also arise if the user did not follow the right Dlink router configuration method or applied any wrong step while Dlink router installation is going on. I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques in the following section to help people out. Kindly, follow them carefully.

Troubleshooting Techniques For Resolving DSL Connectivity Issue

The DSL connection generally comprises of an ethernet cable which either goes inside the modem or if your are using a single setup for both router and modem then it goes inside the WAN port of your router. The reason for your router to not able to detect it could occur due to a wrong Dlink router configuration as well. Follow the troubleshooting techniques carefully:

1. Check Wired Connection :  Make sure that each and every wire connecting your router, modem and computer is working fine. The issue of connectivity arises if the wire from any point gets damaged. So change the faulty one, if you find any and see if the problem is resolved.

2. Check Your Connection : If your router is not detecting the DSL connection chances are there might be an issue from your ISP. Connect your router to your computer with DSL cable going into the WAN port and try opening a website on your computer. If you can do that then chances are something is wrong with your modem. If you are not able to connect call your ISP.

3. Reduce Interference : Your router works at a frequency of 2.4 GHz which happens to be the same of microwave, cordless-phone, TV remote etc. and most of the home appliances. This leads to interference in signal which might be causing the problem. So make sure to change your router’s bandwidth to 5.0GHz.

4. Reset Your Router : If any of the above-mentioned steps does not resolve the issue, then chances are it is because of software snag or a faulty settings. The mismatch in settings or snag could occur because of wrong Dlink router configuration or Dlink router installation. For these kind of scenarios we recommend a router reset. Press the “Reset” button at the back for 30 seconds and do a DLink router configuration.

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