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Access Web-Based Configuration For D-Link Router, Print Server, Or Access Point?

You need to know the IP address, login credentials( username/password) before accessing the web-based configuration / administration interface for your router or access point.

IP address and login credential information can be acquired for the router or access point, through the manual, or our broadband hardware database.

There is another method to obtain the IP address by entering the command prompt.

  • Go to the windows screen and tap on the taskbar.
  • Now go to start followed by “run” . in the run dialog box type ipconfig and the IP address of your computer will be displayed on the screen.   (Windows button > Run > type: cmd) by typing ipconfig. You will be presented with the current IP address of your computer, as well as the device it is connected to, listed as “gateway”.
  • The gateway IP shown on the screen is your router/access point IP address. The gateway IP is usually in the range 192.168.x .x.

Once the router/access point IP address is known to you, you can easily submit it as a URL address in your web browser. There is no compulsion to be connected to the Internet to access your router.  Routers/access points have the web administration utility built-in to a ROM chip in the device itself.

Some conditions to be kept in mind before accessing  the web-based configuration for the  D-Link router, print server, or access point

  • Your device should share the same IP subnet to connect to the web-based utility.
  • A Java/Javascript enabled web browser is mandatory.

Every router, print server or access points does not have a web-based configuration utility. For other routers, carefully read the manual.

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