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Router And PC Configuration To Connect Broadband Via DSL Modem

We can easily connect Dlink router to DSL modem by using the ethernet cable and then entering DSL username and password along with its Configuration to Connect Broadband. In order to establish the connection, you have to first configure your DSL modem in bridge mode and then configure your router with DSL login credentials. At last, to provide internet access to all devices, you have to connect DSL modem and Dlink router. If you face any problem while setting up this overall connecting procedure then ask for support from Dlink Router Helpline.

Simplest Way of Connecting DSL Modem to Dlink Router 

Configure Modem 

  1. First of all, power off your DSL modem and computer. Now, take an ethernet cable for connecting your DSL modem to the operating system that you are using at this moment. You have to connect one end of the ethernet cable into the modem and another end of the ethernet cable into your computer’s ethernet port. Now, power on your modem first and then power on your computer.
  2. Now, launch internet browser on your computer and then type DSL modem interface address into your browser’s address bar. If you don’t know what is the correct address to access interface then check the modem documentation.
  3. To configure your DSL modem, you have to click on the menu option. Now you have to choose the option that changes the DSL modem to be a bridge such as “Bridge”, “Bridge mode”, “Bridge PPPoE”, “Bridged Ethernet”. Save the option and then restart your DSL modem.

Configure Dlink Router in This Way 

  • Power off your computer and also the router. Now, you have to remove the ethernet cable from DSL modem’s port and then insert it into Dlink router’s ethernet port. Now power on your Dlink router first and then power on your computer.
  • Open your favorite web browser and then type “” in the address bar. Now press Enter to access Dlink router web interface.
  • At the login screen, type “admin” in the username field but don’t enter anything in the password field. Then click on OK button. On the first screen, you have to click on “Run Wizard” button.
  • To set a password on Dlink router, you have to follow on screen prompts and also set time zone.
  • As the Internet connection type, you have to choose “PPPoE” and then choose Dynamic PPPoE.
  • In the last step, you have to enter DSL login credentials i.e., username and password. Save the changes. When you complete the wizard, restart all devices.

Connect All Devices Altogether  

  1. Power off your computer, DSL modem, and Dlink router. After this, you have to unplug the ethernet cable from your router and computer. Then you have to plug one end of the ethernet cable into DSL modem’s ethernet port.
  1. Examine the ports that are located on the backside of Dlink router. Identify the port that is labelled as WAN or Internet as you have to insert the end of the ethernet cable into that port.
  1. Power on DSL modem and wait for sometime. Then power on Dlink router and again wait for a few moments. After this power on your operating system and then connect to Dlink router using ethernet or wireless connection. Test your internet connectivity.

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