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How To Connect ADSL 2 Modem To Wireless Router?

D-Link routers are one of the most popular router machines available in the market. People buy these routers to get access to high-speed internet connections and also to share the same with multiple other devices. These days people have become heavily dependent on these router machines, for their day to day work. Although its importance in the modern lifestyle of users is well known, its complexity cannot be denied be either. These routers are made up of different hardware, modems, antennas and a software program embedded into it. These machines like any other electronic device might malfunction without any prior notice or warning. Router Technical Support for D-Link as a service provider receives volumes of calls on a daily basis from callers with their router problems. Among all these, one common query among users was, “How to connect ADSL 2 Modem to a wireless router?” I will discuss a detailed description on how to do it in the following section, kindly go through it carefully to set up your modem on your own. If you need any router related help. Feel free to call us on our D-Link Router helpline.

Connect Your ADSL2 Modem with Your Wireless Router: A Detailed Description

In order to connect your ADSL2 modem with your wireless router, make sure you have two sets of Ethernet cable beforehand. Also, make sure you have all the connecting wires and electricity output port.

Step 1: Connect your ADSL modem to a power outlet and do not switch it on for now. Take the ADSL cable coming from your wall, connect it to the internet port or WAN port on your modem.

Step 2: Now take your wireless router and connect it to your modem using the Ethernet cable you were asked to keep beforehand. The cable coming from your modem will go into the WAN port of your Dlink router.

Step 3: Now, connect your router to another power outlet and switch on both your modem and the wireless router. Wait for few minutes to let the connection between the two devices get established.

Step 4: Now, in order to use the internet connection, you need to configure your router. Use another ethernet cable to connect your router to your computer. On end of this cable will go into the LAN port of your router, while the other end goes inside the Ethernet port on your computer.

Step 5: Configure your router as per the D-Link guidelines or ask your ISP to do it for you. For the time being, you can use it directly as per the present setup and wired connection.

These are the steps to connect your ADSL 2 modem to your wireless router. Hopefully, these steps will help you complete the setup on your own. In case you have any difficulty in understanding these steps or you need any other router related help, then feel free to reach to our Customer Support for Dlink via D’Link router helpline. Our services are available for 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year.

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