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How to Set up and Configure D-link Wifi Router

In the current world, everyone using wifi connection wish to have an amazing router to avail speedy connectivity. To ameliorate your wifi connections, one can choose the D-Link wireless router. D-Link Wireless routers are one of the easiest and convenient routers that executes various functions of a wireless access point. This wireless router is generally used to provide access to the internet or a personal computer network. It comprises of an amazing setup wizard to drive you via the router configuration.

In order to set up a D-Link wifi router, practice the below-mentioned steps. Here, you’ll be informed about the set-up and configure d-link wifi router

Set Up Of D-link Wifi Router

1.Connect the Router to Your Modem:

  • First of all, open up the packed power adapter and connect the adapter to the router and to the wall outlet or the power strip.
  • Operate the ethernet cable from your modem to the WAN port available on the router. This port is usually colored with a yellow color to separate it from the other outgoing Ethernet ports.
  • On the D-Link 524 and D-Link 624 routers, the color of the WAN port is black.
  • If one is using a D-Link DSL 2640T router, then it has formed a DSL modem.
  • Rather than connecting your device to another modem with an ethernet cable, one should connect his phone cable from your phone jack to the DSL port at the backside of the D-Link 2640T.
  • Now, wait for a few seconds to get your Power and WAN’s status to light up.

2. Connect the Computer to the Network

At this step, connect your computer to the network and go through the following steps:

A. Wired Connection:

Join the ethernet cord to the ethernet port on your computer device and one of that ethernet ports on the D-Link wifi router. The user can utilize any of the Ethernet ports on the wifi router and the WAN port, which should be then connected to your modem.

B. Wireless Connection:

First, click on the network icon shown on the displayed System Tray.
Now, click on the name of the network linked with the router which will be mentioned on the packaged configuration card with the router.
Enter the password or network key (the password) penned on the configuration card
Finally, hit on the “connect” tab to meet the networks.

3. Run the Setup Wizard

Here, run the setup wizard of the router and enjoy the wifi connection of the D-link wireless wifi router with ease.

The Configuration Of The Router

To configure your router, the individuals are recommended to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:  Enter the IP address of the router into the address bar. For the D-Link 524 and 624 models, the IP address is and it is for the other models such as 2604T.

Step 2: After that, mention the username and password of the admin and then hit on the OK icon. Until it gets initiated, follow the instructions that came packed with the router.

Step 3: The password section for the Airplus Xtreme like the 524 and 624 models should be left blank whereas, for the 2640T model, one has to use admin for the password. For some different D-Link models, the users have to mention password in place of the password.

Step 4: Now, start-up the Setup Wizard to configure your wifi router and then, click on “Run Wizard or Next”. The router chooses most of the settings based on the common defaults automatically for your connection type.

Step 5: At this step, you’ll always be asked for a series of various questions in order to further configure the router.

Step 6: Choose the radial button now, which is just next to your connection type. Mostly, the cable modem users should opt for DHCP, until or unless you are not awared that your wifi provider needs a static IP address, in which case you should select Static.

Step 7: The DSL and ADSL users should go with the PPPoE option. If you choose PPPoE, then you are prompted with your username and password. So, now provide the PPPoE username and password given by the Internet Service Provider and press Next to continue.

Step 8: Here, give a new name and password to your network for the local wireless networks. Remember, the network name you are providing should be memorable and the password of the network should comprise of a combination of letters, numbers and symbols that are easily recallable for you but should be difficult for others to guess. Then, Click on the Next to continue.

Step 9: Lastly, select your time zone from the drop-down menu and hit on the “Next” tab to complete the setup procedure.

Step 10: Save the configuration by clicking on “Save or Restart” on the completed Setup screen. Your router will be rebooted and powered, the WAN and Internet status lights will be lit up. Now, connect your computer or devices with the new wireless D-Link wifi router.


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