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How To Configure Remote Management System With A Router?

Using Remote Management System, you can check the status of your router and besides this, you can configure and upgrade your router. There are various reasons that why you might use remote router management

1. If you want to configure your router via the internet.
2. If you are an administrator for a remote network.
3. When someone administers your router’s configuration without your permission.

Follow These Steps To Configure Remote Management With a Router

  1. Launch the web browser and then type default IP address of Dlink router i.e., “” in the address bar. After entering IP address hit Enter.
  2. You are now redirected to Dlink login screen where you have to enter login details in the username and password field box.
  3. Once you enter into Dlink router settings, tap on Tools option that is displaying on the top side.
  4. Move to the left pane and then tap on Admin.
  5. Under the remote management section, you have to configure the following option
  6. (i)  You have to set remote management to “Enabled”.

    (ii)  In the IP address section, you have to type a valid IP address. By default, an asterisk is present in IP        address field box.

    (iii) For port management, you have to choose a port

  7. Once you make these changes, click on Apply button.
  8. Now your Dlink router will reboot and all settings will automatically get saved.

Let’s See How To Enable Remote Management On Dlink Router

  • First of all, launch the web browser and then type “” in the address bar.
  • At the login screen, enter login credentials and hit the Login button.
  • Navigate down to Administration section and then tap on Tools section.
  • Press a click on the checkbox that is displaying next to Enable Remote Management.
  • In the Remote Admin Port dialog box, you have to enter the desired port. Although you can also leave the default port at 8080.
  • Click on Save button to apply the overall changes. Once the settings get saved, you can access your Dlink router remotely. Now, open the web browser and then type “https://:8080”.
  • For instance –
  • Now click on Status tab and then find your WAN IP ( It will be shown under the WAN section.)

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