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How to change my D-Link router IP address

In case of avoiding interference as well as to meet up the high internet speed of an Internet. Settings needed to be changed. To do this a user has to seek ideas through the router online configuration mode. To change D-link router IP address is a premium option so if you want to change settings on your D-Link router, A digital connection to the router through Wi-Fi is a solution. To get one of the Router’s address or D-link Router IP address the use of the web browser is a perfect way for the navigation. A frequent type of  "dlinkrouter" or "http://dlinkrouter" as an address into Web Browser, on another hand you have to try "http://dlinkrouter.local" or ""

Nowadays, the evolution of daily networking is needed to be figured out in a perfect way. The engineers of D-link have contributed to the virtual environment of home along with business networking. There are several awards owned by the company and D Link is also having patents and copyrights variety of technical platforms which includes Applications Specific Integrated Circuit Computer chips, hardware technology designs, hardware technology designs, software applications and other intellectual property. D-Link target audiences are customers with the aim of solution development that facilitate services. Major honours have been received by D-Link for the excellence of designs from leading design associations as well as from international design organisations. Like: CES, IDEA, Red Dot and iF.

Usage of D-Link Routers IP Address:

D-Link router IP address has a range of Routers to meet your everyday needs for home and small business. Connect a Wireless Router with your existing Cable, NBN or DSL modem to create a secure wireless network in need of sharing your Internet connection with everyone in the home. Now easily share important kind of stuff and much more throughout your home or office. With Wireless AC, the newest generation of Wi-Fi technology, enjoy ultra-fast speeds on your wireless network and experience uninterrupted operations.

Still, there is a problem in changing D-link Router IP Address then follow this:

Step 1: Cycle the power on the router. Switch the power off. Wait 20 to 30 seconds.

Step 2: Switch on the power. Wait for the lights to stabilize. - Restart the computer.

Step 3: Move your pointer to Start > Run > type "cmd"> OK .

Step 4: In the DOS window type there ping and press Enter.

Step 5: You should see "Reply from..." messages.

Step 6: If your ping was successful, attempt it again to access the router's configuration page.

Step 7: Try these options in the address window.

Step 8: Recheck your IP settings.

Step 9: Type "ipconfig" (without quotes) in DOS Windows and press Enter.

Step 10: Address of internet Protocol on your network adapter has to be in the 192.168.0.xrange. Type "arp -d" (without quotes) and press Enter.

Step 11: Until you get "The specified entry was not found" Keeps on repeating this technique.  

Step 12: Try to access the router again.

Step 13: Reset the router and get a D-Link link router IP Address for easy execution.



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