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What Can I Do If I Am Having Wireless Connection Problems?

Sometimes when you are working whether in home or office and your wireless router suddenly shows no internet connectivity. In such scenario, you should follow the following steps;

  • Check your WAN and LAN settings – Check if your ethernet cable is properly connected.  Try isolating the ethernet cable if it is damaged. To ensure whether you are using the right cable, try checking out your access point or router manual.
  • Verify access point and router settings – Use wireless access point, or the graphical user interface not verify network settings. Also, name an SSID to which you will connect.
  • Verify wireless adapter – The wifi adapter used for network troubleshooting should be enabled and ready to connect.
  • TCP/IP Settings – Open the control panel and go to network settings. Now, select the wireless adapter. If the status is still disabled move to the next step.If the status is showing “not connected”, select your network’s SSID and click on  “CONNECT”.
  • Ensure that the radius is working – WPA and WPA2-Enterprise log the client into the network and deliver encryption keys using an 802.1X-capable RADIUS server. If you do not already have a RADIUS server, consult this tip.
  • Check intermittent network connectivity issues– Finally, if your wireless client connects and pings successfully, but encounters intermittent network connectivity problems (e.g., some pings work, some fail), you may be experiencing poor signal strength, RF interference, or disconnection caused by AP roaming. See our Fixing wireless LAN problems tip for troubleshooting hints.

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