Dlink Wi-Fi Devices Technical Support

D-Link is one of the more popular brands available in the market, thanks to its competitive pricing and use of latest technology. D-link is one of the more famous network device manufacturer. It produces all kinds of wired, non-wired routers, modems, antenas, wifi extenders etc. People buy these devices from online stores, retail market chain and affiliated stores of the company. In this age of internet and online connectivity, people have become very dependent on internet. People use these D-Link routers to get access to high-speed internet connection and also to share it with multiple devices. D-link manufactures produces a ton of router devices based on the needs and requirements of the users. These devices are marginally categorized on the requirement of the user-group. Some users need these routers for moderate use at home, which includes general web-browsing, download of multimedia files and streaming videos. On the other hand there are quite a lot of hardcore gamer out there too whose requirements differ completely when it comes to routers. Gamers need high-speed internet connection along with a powerful router to compute that data and transfer it to its destination uniformly with its router technical support for Dlink. As you can see how the two scenarios require totally different set of products. I will discuss these types in the following section, kindly go through them and decide which one suits your need the best.

D-Link Range Of Routers:

Dlink High-speed Routers:These routers are manufactured keeping the heavy users in mind. The routers which come under these have a good processor and impart speeds upto 1Gb/s. These routers are suitable for big homes with multiple users and heavy usage. These can also be used in small offices. The main aim of these routers is connectivity i.e to be able to impart the signals in a monotonous way to all corners of your home or office.Example:

These range of D-Link routers can be suitable for both your home needs and small office workload. The router with Gigabit technology possess of gigabit ports for uniform and smooth transmission of data packets from the source to the destination. While the one with MU MIMO technology have good processor along with a smart network technology which identifies the slow devices and fast devices and transmits signals accordingly.

Home-based Routers:These routers are for common man with limited needs from their internet. The main aim of such routers is to provide optimum speeds for web-browsing, downloading of media files and streaming of HD videos. These are requirements of a common home based user. For these kind of requirement a router needs to have a speed upto 500 MB/s and a good connectivity throughout. Some of the examples of home based routers are mentioned below.Example:

These N150 series of D-Link routers are perfect setup if you are looking for a good home based setup. The router has a good overall connectivity and loads of security features to keep your internet connection safe from intruders. It has also got a repeater mode to extend your signal strength and increase the connectivity radius.

Gaming Routers: The requirements of a gamer is totally different from those of above mentioned two categories. A gamer needs uninterrupted connectivity for great visuals and frame rates. To fulfill this requirement a router needs to have a great processor with multiple cores to quickly analyse the incoming data and then transfer it to the destination. The router must be able to process the high graphic reuqirements of a gamer. The example of these type of routers are listed below.Example:

These routers possess a good processor with multiple cores and MU MIMO technology, this technology enable these rouuters to process the data coming from the server in a smart way to suit the needs of a gamer. These routers make sure that your high-resolution games does not lag or loose any frame, because we know how annoying can it get.