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How To Connect Roku To Dlink Router With Username And Password?

In this blog, we have summarized how to connect Roku to Dlink router with username and password in easiest possible manner.

Connect Dlink Router To Roku In This Way 

  • First of all, power up the Roku device. After this choose the language for your Roku.
  • Now check Roku remote if it is responding properly or not. If Roku remote is not responding then reinsert the batteries.
  • Wait for some time so that Roku remote can pair properly. Then choose Continue option.
  • In next step, you have to connect to the network. If you are using wireless connection then choose “Wireless” otherwise opt for “Wired”.
  • While selecting Roku wireless network, confirm that you are choosing an appropriate network.
  • After choosing wireless network name, enter the wireless network password.
  • At this moment, if three green checkmarks are displaying on screen then you should understand that Roku Streaming player is successfully get connected to your Dlink wireless network.
  • Now, use the provided code to link the Roku player. Afterward, open any web browser and then navigate to “roku.com/link”. Then enter the provided code.
  • Create your Roku account, PIN & then payment method.

Once you are done, explore channels and enjoy streaming.

Let’s Have A Look At The Troubleshooting Fix If Roku Does Not Connect To Dlink Router

  • First of all, login into Dlink router by entering its IP address into the address bar.
  • Once you logged into Dlink router settings, navigate to its DNS settings. If your Roku streaming player is not working with Dlink router, then it might be possible that your router is using internal IP address rather than external IP address.
  • In the next step, you have to replace the internal DNS address with public DNS address. Once you finish this, save the entire settings.
  • Now, again run the Roku setup. If you are unable to connect to the internet then unplug the Dlink router and leave the router in this condition for 15 seconds. Then plug the Dlink router back in.
  • If you have set the DNS properly then your Roku Streaming Player will successfully connect to the internet.

Now you are good to go with your Roku Streaming player.

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