How do I set up the network security on Dlink router?

Dlink Router’s Network Security Key

Wireless security is essential for securing Dlink router from unauthorized access. Having good wireless security can make your wireless network highly secure and thus you can enjoy safe web surfing.In this blog, we have discussed how to setup the network security on Dlink router. If you face any problem in setting network security key on Dlink router then call right away at Dlink Technical Support Number and acquire prompt response.

How to find Network Security Key on Dlink router?

If you don’t know how to find network security key To access wireless security key, firstly open your internet browser and type in the address bar. Press Enter key and go to Dlink router’s login wizard.

Go to password field box and type ”admin” as the password. Now click on Login button and move towards Setup. After clicking on Setup option, click on Wireless Settings. After this step, click the “Manual Wireless Network” button. Now you will see an alphanumeric key and this key is your network key. In case, you face any technical issue while finding network security of Dlink router then contact with Dlink Technical Support team.

By following these steps, you can easily setup the Network Security on Dlink router:-

1. Firstly open any web browser and type the IP address of the Dlink router into the address bar. The default IP address of Dlink router is “”. Type this into the address bar and press Enter button.

2. Now you will see the login page, just type admin in the username field box. The important thing is that leave the password field box empty. Next, click on OK.


3. Go to the top of the page and click on the Setup tab. After this go to the left hand side and click on Wireless Settings.

4. Choose WPA-Personal encryption from the Wireless Security Mode drop-down menu.

5. Go to WPA and choose the form of WPA you would like to use from the WPA mode drop-down.

6. Next, go to the Pre-Shared Key box and type Pre-shared key according to your choice.

7. Finally, click on Save Settings button and close all tabs.Still having issues while setting Dlink network security then communicate with Dlink Technical Support team.

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